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Finance :: A Complete Guide to Managing Your Money With Mint's Free Online Tool ? Part 5 of 8

cash advance in amelia ohio Welcome to part five of our own eight-part analysis of Cash Advance In Amelia Ohio In the last post, we covered how to operate the Budgets page. In this post, we take particular notice at Mint's Goals and Trends pages.

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Clicking on the "Goals" link inside top navigation bar takes you with a page to build various savings goals. Below, you will find more information on this page's functionality.

The goals page of the site permits you to create savings goals. It comes stocked having a list of default savings goals including "Pay off Credit Card Debt," "Pay off Loans," "Save with an Emergency," "Save for Retirement", "Buy a Home," "Buy a Car," "Save for College," "Take a Trip," and "Improve My Home." You can also build your own personal custom goals.

Setting Up a Goal

When you develop a goal, Mint goes by having a three-step process. The first step insists upon give your goal a title, pick a category for your goal, and type in the amount you want to save. The second step asks you to associate a fiscal account with your goal. You can decide to open a whole new financial account, use an existing account, or choose a forex account at a later time. Finally, third step asks you for your date you intend to reach your goals and calculates the monthly contribution important to meet your goal over time.

Goals Details Page

When you view your goals from the goals page, you get a status bar, or budget, for each goal. At a glance, this bar notifys you how much you've saved towards your goals and whether you're ahead of schedule, behind schedule, or right on track.

Clicking on the "View Details" tab of any goal takes you fot it goal's details page. Here, you will see a rundown listing the goal amount, daily balance, planned date of completion, projected date of completion, and the amount you've contributed towards the thing for your current month. You can also delete the thing, mark it complete, or put in a task to be carried out in association with the goal.


Clicking on the "Trends" button in the top navigation directs you to a page that gives useful data and analysis of ones own financial trends. Read more for this below.

The trends page allows that you get useful data on your spending and income history. This page is build in three sections?set your timeframe, pick a graph, and acquire the report.

Set Your Timeframe

This section allows you to define the period of time of your report. You can select a single month, a complete year, or in history. You can also highlight and pick a series of months.

Choose a Graph

This section insists upon select what you need to trace and the way you want to monitor it. You can choose to track spending, income, net income, assets, debts or net worth. You can track your selection after a while, by category, by merchant, or by tag.

Once you've chosen what you look for to trace and exactly how you want to track it, buttons within the upper right on this section permit you to visualize your results like a bar graph or pie chart. You can use the drop-down box alongside those buttons to match the outcomes along with your results from last year or perhaps the last 90 days. You can also compare your results with is a result of a unique city, state, or the entire United States.

Get the Report

For each graph or chart you generate, you will see a study within the last section at the end from the page. Reports list the amounts you've spent, received, or netted by category. They also tell you which category had the highest dollar amount and which have the most transactions. You can also export an investigation to your CSV apply for used in other applications.

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This concludes part five with this eight-part series. Cash Advance In Amelia Ohio Next time we'll check out's Investments page.